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Overview Specs

MINIER Downlight System

MINIER Downlight System

Products Specification:

Application: Recessed-mounted

SDCM: <3

Beam Angle: 25°, 30°, 60°

Power: 3W, 5W, 6W, 12W

CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K

Line Drawing:

MINIER Downlight System

General Features:

Frame Color

MINIER Linear Down Light

(Small creates beauty)

MINIER Linear down light series is an architechtural design-friendly down light for its mini size to better serve designers’ plans. MINIER series offers linear (3/6/12-headed) in recessed installation. 2 lighting solutions are available, including quality lights-round and square-to set different moods and create different atmospheres with good anti-glare effect. The heat sink design allows good heat dissipation, enabling a smaller-than-average size and large power.

 MINIER Linear Down Light 3-12W

Satisfying Light

Light is not just a brightness that lets you see things, it sets a mood and creates atmosphere. MINIER series offers 2 kinds of quality lights-round and square-to set different moods and create different atmospheres. Round version lights up space with even lighting effect and meets accent lighting requirement, while square version highlights the uniqueness of lighting effect with clear edges and nicely-cut square shape.

 MINIER Linear Down Light 3-12W

Above-average Anti-glare

MINIER realizes a good anti-glare effect for two reasons:the physical structural design avoids annoying glare hurting eyes, and the black finish enables unwanted light to be absorbed, finally providing good visual comfortable with UGR less than 19.

 MINIER Linear Down Light 3-12W

Good Heat Dissipation

At first glance, MINIER impresses customers with its modern style line-crossed heat sink design. Take another closer look, MINIER downlight adopts this design to realize the free flow of heat, thus, a good heat dissipation performance. So that MINIER could provide both elegant and smaller size with big wattage, ensuring users not only an aesthetic look but a highly practical performance.

 MINIER Linear Down Light 3-12W

Small? We Make It Smaller

MINIER manages to slim the light body to be elegant, but more importantly, to be slimmer than most products available in the market, offering wider designing and imagining possibilities for designer when they draw the dream space. After installation, MINIER will assure users a cleaner ceiling with only light visible but luminaire invisible.

 MINIER Linear Down Light 3-12W

Small Creates Beauty

It takes time and energy to create the dream space you ever wanted, so we would not change a bit of it, instead, we would only use the ultra-small linear downlight to add to the beauty of it. The ultra-slim linear downlight would project the right light from ceiling to highlight the space, but the luminaire will not steal the thunder because it’s small and slim enough to be invisible in the ceiling.


-Smaller-than-average slim shape allows designers better space planning.     

-Linear (3/6/12-headed) support recessed installation. & reflector.     

-Square (4/9-headed) support recessed and surface-mounted installation.     

-Lighting solutions: quality lights-round and square to set different moods and create different atmospheres with good anti-glare effect.      

-Free-flow ventilation heat sink design enables good heat dissipation.     

-Small size but with big power.     


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