Creating continuous value for customers is a must for ENCORE products!

----Rocky Wong, CEO of Encore


The Guiding Principles of ENCORE's R&D

The guiding principles of ENCORE's R&D cannot be simpler: we win customers with value creation, impress customers with fine craftsmanship, amaze customers with innovation realization, and assure customers with concerted action.


Product Essence

We make sure that every beam of light shot from ENCORE products is alive with soul. We make sure that every piece of product made by ENCORE is the best choice with recognizable appearance, super modular design,  system concept, and superb cost performance!

Light has soul!

Light has soul!

ENCORE believes that every beam of light is alive with soul, and we are confident to shape the soul into the best form that every customer could ever expect. Optics-guided and fine technique-based design makes sure that ENCORE's light is not only alive with soul, but satisfyingly alive with intelligent soul.

One-for-ALL is clearly embodied by Modular design

One-for-all Modular Design

The core of ENCORE's modular design concept is to help customers realize a simple and easy life.
One LED module matches with 4 mounting bases and a whole set of mounting rings, which enables customers to customize luminaires that fit into such various spaces as commercial sites, hotels, residential spaces, museums & galleries, and offices.

Moreover, one LED module comes in a variety of optical accessories and beam angles, which further meets such different requirements as accent lighting, flood lighting, wall washing and so forth.

Stringent requirements for modeling

Stringent Modeling Standards

LED lighting fixtures that are designed and manufactured by ENCORE set the bar for simplicity, aesthetics, and practicality. Each and every ENCORE product keeps the fine balance between performance and value.

Intelligent control – different dimming methods

Smart Life with Smart Light

Smart life has become a leading trend with a soaring demand, therefore, in order to keep the life easy and efficient as we have always promised, ENCORE provides a wide range of smart dimming options including DALI, TUYA, DMX512, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Casambi, and so forth, enabling our customers to enjoy the benefit of IoT as much as possible.

National High-Tech Enterprise

State-Level High-Tech Enterprise

The diligent and innovative team of ENCORE has been bearing fruits and has taken on new form. ENCORE's dedication received its proper reward in 2018, when ENCORE earned itself the name of State-level High-tech Enterprise. It is surly a propeller that keeps ENCORE moving on and takes ENCORE off the ground for many years ahead.

Patent certification

Patent Strength

ENCORE talks the talks, but more importantly, we walk the walk. 10 years' dedication and devotion, ENCORE has successfully defended itself in the fierce completion, and has set a substantial footprint in the lighting industry.