The Guiding Principles of ENCORE’s R&D

The guiding principles of ENCORE’s R&D cannot be simpler: we win customers with value creation, impress customers with fine craftsmanship, amaze customers with innovation realization, and assure customers with concerted action.

Rigorous thinking, Open mind and Action are the striking traits Encore R&D team embrace, our duty is to deliver value to our customers by providing them with safe, reliable and innovative products!


Encore R&D System

After more than 10 years of accumulation and continuous investment, we have established a solid and sound R&D system.

Customer-oriented: listening to customers’ feedback, take care of what customers’ concern, and make customers’ demands realized with Encore product solutions.

We have a professional R&D team consist of industrial design, optics, thermal, electronics, and structure etc. A sound and stringent testing procedure for every single stage from design, structure to prototype verification, function test, components selection to quality control, to make sure we are delivering innovative and reliable products.

Encore R&D Lab

Encore R&D Lab has set strict testing standard and a complete set of testing equipment to ensure all data and functions for the products are correct and guaranteed.

There is a series of testing procedures before the final product releasing, the testing contains 3 aspects: photoelectric test, safety regulation and reliability test, EMC, which is a complete testing covering optics, electronics, heat dissipation, mechanical structure.

Photoelectric test including: integrating sphere, IES, Flash and dimming test, etc.

Safety regulation and reliability test including: temperature and waterproof test, IK and fire class test, insulation resistance, Electrical strength, high-low temperature start-up and durability test, etc.

EMC test including: EMI, lighting surge and harmonic current test, etc.


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Driven by design and technology

Encore has never ceased to explore and refine in the technology, as we believe it is the source and power of product innovation. 

We keep focusing and innovating on the aspects of optics, structure, heat dissipation and intelligent control etc, which allow us to provide flexible and updated solutions for the various needs of customers. In the meantime, with sophisticated anti-glare design and precise light control, we hope to create a healthy lighting customer can really enjoy, and the convenience customer can feel deeply from the smart modular structure during installation and maintenance.

The excellent heat dissipation will also ensure longer longevity, coupled with compatibility with the most common intelligent control, making it an easy and reliable use of Encore products.

R&D Achievement

Technology and product are core value and competitiveness of a company. Since its establishment in 2011, Encore has been investing a lot in R&D team building and new product development. In 2018, we got high-tech certification thanks a bunch of patent certifications.

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