Quality is the all-time lifeline for ENCORE!

----Rocky Wong, CEO of Encore



ENCORE is an ISO9001:2018 certified enterprise, The quality control system has been strictly applied in every process of the operation from documentation formulation to production manufacturing. Therefore, our customers are not only guaranteed with tangible product quality, longevity, and sustainability, but also every other intangible details that matter a lot.

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Incoming Inspection

As the first key step in quality control, incoming materials have to go through a series of strict inspection. Materials with even a tiny flaw like a mild 1 millimeter dent on the edge would be spotted and thrown out. Detailed inspection regulations, along with professional and effective inspection instruments operated by professional personnel are the insurance of ENCORE's quality products.

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First-Piece Inspection

The first piece of every batch of order has to be fully inspected before the full-order manufacturing starts:  100% correct material matching with order requirements, full specifications inspection etc. to make sure the first piece checks every box. The full-order manufacturing would only start afterwards.

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Production Process Quality Control

The optimum presentation of classification management and key management.

1.Key position personnel will be signed up for compulsory monthly training sessions for skill improvement, and work permit/license, a necessary premise to work, would only be issued for those who pass the quarterly test. The qualification and legitimacy of key position personnel is of the most importance.
2.The inspection of key procedures would be done repeatedly during IPQC to ensure quality standard before moving forward to the next procedure.
* Key positions include: COB welding, COB assembly, driver wiring, structure and function inspection, aging etc.

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Safety Regulation & Product Reliability Inspection

Product reliability inspection, as one of the key inspection procedures, has to be carried out in the most stringent manner with a whole set of inspection equipment under the industry reliability scheme.

We have selected reliable materials and introduced process validation scheme. In addition, our industry-leading reliability plan design, together with a complete set of professional equipment, gives us full confidence to promise that ENCORE's products are trustworthy for a longer longevity.

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Delivery Inspection

Products manufactured have to go through 8-hour aging test, which includes 4-hour always-on test, 2-hour on-off test(5-second interval) and another 2-hour always-on test, followed by 100% appearance, structure, function, and  optical parameters inspection. Every detail will be fully checked and pass the inspection before delivery.

Patent certification

Product Assurance

We know well that the whole-process quality control from R&D, functional performance, to the durability and safety performance of our products is well-inspected and well-done. Therefore, ENCORE promises a fully functioning product performance within the according warranty period.