Our 100% confidence in the quality lies in details control from every single steps of IQC, IPQC,OQC to ensure the product performance and consistency, everything is standardized without being affected by personnel changes!

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ISO9001 Certificate

ENCORE is an ISO9001:2018 certified enterprise. We know well that the whole process quality control from R&D, functional performance, to the durability and safety performance of our products is well-inspected and well-done. Therefore, our customers are not only guaranteed with tangible product quality, longevity, and sustainability, but also every other intangible details that matter a lot.

Incoming Inspection

Incoming material inspection is the first and most important step of our quality assurance system. We pay full attention to control quality from the very beginning, except for the inspection procedure strictly following AQL standard, we will also review the QC management for the key material suppliers and work closely with them to improve and meet Encore’s quality standard.

Environment-sensitive critical components such as COB LEDs and drives will be stored as required in a constant temperature and humidity environment to ensure long-term use and stable quality.

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Production Process Control

1. First article must be approved before getting into mass production.

2. All production tools must be adjusted as required according to instruction before mass production.

3. The whole production must be strictly in compliance with production SOP to guarantee product consistency.

4. Self-inspection for each individual procedure to prevent defective products.

5. IPQC will do random inspection for key positions and supervision on the whole production procedure.

6. The tracking code is available for each individual order.

7. 100% aging test for each individual order.

8. 100% function and related electrical testing on each individual order.

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Product Reliability & Safety Inspection

Product reliability & safety inspection, as one of the key inspection procedures, has to be carried out in the most stringentmanner with a whole set of inspection equipment under the industry reliability scheme. 

We have selected reliable materials and introduced process validation scheme. In addition, our industry-leading reliability plan design, together with a complete set of professional equipment, gives US full confidence to promise that ENCORE's products are trustworthy for a longer longevity.

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