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ENCORE is dedicated to researching, developing and manufacturing high quality LED luminaries and providing premium LED lighting solutions that are distinctive both in appealing function and aesthetic design to enhance indoor commercial sites, hospitality & residential spaces, museums & galleries, and offices. Our engineering team is committed to designing and delivering quality lighting solutions with an extensive lifetime which brighten business prospect and minimize project costs.

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Our History

Our journey started in the year of 2011, and ENCORE has since devoted to LED lighting industry and has well defended itself in the market with the goal of benefiting every user through our practical solutions that solve problems. ENCORE has now grown into one of the important players in the industry that makes differences.

  • 2022

    Upgrade Enterprise Culture and Set Up New Brand-FEILITE

    ENCORE upgrades brand-new mission, vision, and values. Meanwhile, set up new brand-FEILITE.

    Upgrade Enterprise  Culture and Set Up  New Brand-FEILITE
  • 2021

    Galaxy Downlight system

    Small in size but powerful in wattage, tunable white with smart dimming, Galaxy is customized for high ceiling 4m-8m height.

    Galaxy Downlight system
  • 2020

    ELLA Downlight System

    With super modular design, ELLA collects hotel, residential, commercial, deep anti-glare, wall washing in one downlight system, can cover all indoor applications.

    ELLA Downlight System
  • 2019

    Upgrade Internal Management System

    In 2019, we set up our own ERP system. In the meantime, we upgraded the ISO9001 system to the latest 2018 version to optimize the entire quality management system.

    Upgrade Internal  Management System
  • 2018

    High-tech Certification

    In 2018, we got high-tech certification thanks to a bunch of patent certifications.

    High-tech Certification
  • 2017

    Expand Encore Factory

    In April of 2017, we moved to new expanded factory with very professional facilities.

    Expand Encore Factory
  • 2016

    Enrich Our LED Commercial Lights Family

    With our strong R&D team, a total of 11 LED track light new products were released along with another 3 LED downlight families, which further enriched the production line of ENCORE.

    Enrich Our LED Commercial  Lights Family
  • 2014

    Establish Encore Factory

    Establish our own factory from 0 to 1, always working hard on supply chain management and quality control system.

    Establish Encore Factory
  • 2013

    1st Self-developed LED Track Light

    Set up our own R&D team, released our 1st Self-developed LED track light-Aimer.

    1st Self-developed  LED Track Light
  • 2011

    Foreign Trading

    With the deepening understanding of the lighting market and customer needs, ENCORE finally pinpointed itself in LED commercial lighting.

    Foreign Trading
ENCORE Culture

Encore’s mission, vision and value drives Encore people to strive to create healthy and smart light for our world!

Our Market

In 2011, ENCORE began to establish cooperation mechanism in the overseas market. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, built up a sound distributor system in domestic and overseas. Products are exported to over 85 countries and regions inclusive of North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Latin America, etc.

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