ENCORE new products in 2024

<i>DELLA</i> Downlight Light System
DELLA Downlight Light System

The evolved downlight series with new design and tiny size comes with a powerful solutions.

1. Excellent ventilation design enable smaller size and bigger power.

2. Newest tiny 1.25” for max 8W.

3. Locking point and marker for precise adjustment.

4. Ultra low glare UGR<6 for visual comfort.

5. Seamless configuration without light leak.

6. Complete lighting solutions include wall washer, pinhole, narrow to flood beam.

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<i>VEGA</i> Track Light System
VEGA Track Light System

A fusion of superior design and innovative technology, features.

1. Full range of lighting solutions including zoom, framing, wall washer.

2. Modular design with various optical accessories and mounting modules for free change.

3. The new metal ring for zoom and refined compact mechanism for the projector make superior look whilst better operation experience.

4. Precise light control for high quality contour without blue edge.

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<i>A-LINE</i> Linear Light System
A-LINE Linear Light System

The linear up/down pendant light features an architectural style with an indirect and direct lighting style, is an ideal lighting solution for commercial spaces, including office buildings and healthcare facilities, where quality lighting is a must. 

The recessed downlight is designed has a modern aesthetic and is available in standard lengths of 3.5 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet, and any custom length with seamless connection, it has three different optic system (diffuse, lens, reflector) and four mounting options of recessed, pendant, wall-mount and T-Bar to be super friendly in use, the up and down light distribution ensure

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<i>CYLINDER</i> Light System
CYLINDER Light System

Encore Cylinders are powerful downlights you can wall mount, surface mount, suspend with stem or cord. Versatile in nature,Encore Cylinders are available in three sizes and classic finish colors. Driven by minimalist design, these LED Cylinders feature a clean silhouette with seamless edges along with innovative low glare optic system. With design at the forefront, Encore Cylinders boast streamlined features like no seams, a low-profile canopy and no external hardware. The minimalist design elevates existing architecture for a beautiful, clean aesthetic.

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<i>MOVIA</i> Motorized Track Light
MOVIA Motorized Track Light

MOVIA Motorized Track Light with CASAMBI wireless control. Key features include CCT tunable (2700K to 5000K), zoomable (10° to 60°, 18° to 50°), and 360° horizontal, ±140° vertical adjustment. Default routine setting for quick adjustment and stylish, screwless design in a golden ratio size to meet most aesthetic needs.

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<i>DIGITAL DISPLAY</i> Track Light

The Digital Display LED Track Light, your most flexible lighting solution. With an LED display for CCT tuning (2700K to 6500K) and dimming, it also offers a zoomable beam from 25-60°. A rotary dial ensures precise adjustments, while a 3-second hold simplifies mode switching. Ideal for creating the perfect ambiance in any space.

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