ENCORE new products in 2022

<i>GALAXY</i> Downlight
GALAXY Downlight

Galaxy is designed to be well adapt to high ceiling applications thanks to it's super high efficient thermal management and high light efficiency 110lm/w.

Except for classic white color, Galaxy also support tunable white and CCT selectable with unparalleled quality light distribution, plus low glare UGR<16 design, Galaxy downlight delivers high-end, architectural-grade ilumination precisely where you need it.

Its tool-free, field-changeable reflector allow you to easily change how your spaces feel and perform with minimal labor, and IP54 ensure high-quality lighting even in harsh conditions.

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<i>MEGA</i> Track Light
MEGA Track Light

Mega, a tailor-made LED track light for museums and galleries. The minimalist industrial design appearance can fit smoothly into the display areas. Using advanced high lumen output and CRI95+ high saturation light color LED chips to restore the real color of the exhibits with soft and natural light. The superflexible snap-on interchangeable filters design offers 9 types of beam shapes from 10°to 60° flood and wall washing lighting. With built-in flicker-free driver, support standard dimming triac, 0/1-10V individual dimmer and intellgent dimming DALI, Casambi etc to satisfy the requirement of flexible adjusting the lighting brightness.

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<i>AVA MR16 Modular</i> Downlight
AVA MR16 Modular Downlight

Elegant MR16 compatible design, Ava was born to be versatile. The perfect thermal management ensures the high wattage in the smaller housing. Aesthetic design is not the only advantage of Ava, it's 90lm/w efficacy with uniform light distribution also worth a mention. Except the single color 2700K to 5000K range, Ava also offers 1800K-3000K dim-to-warm create a SDCM<3 color consistency home-like atmospere to where it is needed. It complies with the modular design, everything is interchangeable except COB, well covered the commercial and residential applications. The performance of Ava is the ice of the cake on the aesthetic appearance. 

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LED <i>Sprit</i> Light
LED Sprit Light

Encore's LED Strip light, adopting high quality LED, which passed LM80 testing. With high speed SMT, it is shaped by means of automatic mounting to offer different choice of power, color, CCT and CRI. A wide range of protections grades of IP55, IP65, IP67 and IP68 can be achieved by adopting gel coating, silicone integrated extrusion and other protection processes, applying to indoor and outdoor lighting, furniture, vehicle, advertisement and other supporting usages.

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