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Overview Specs

OVEGA-Zoomable Small Pendant 10W-15W

OVEGA-Zoomable Small Pendant 10W-15W

Products Specification:

Application: Track-mounted, Surface-mounted, Wall-mounted, Pendant

SDCM: <3

Beam Angle: 15°-45°

Power: 10W, 15W

CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

Line Drawing:

OVEGA-Zoomable Small Pendant 10W-15W

General Features:


Frame Color

OVEGA-Zoomable Small

(10W 15W)

OVEGA-Zoomable Small is a stylish and compact LED track light that fits perfectly into any retail, museum and gallery setting. Its adjustable beam mechanism is designed to provide endless beam options from 15° narrow to 45° wide flood distribution. The luminaire head swivels precisely horizontal 360° and  vertical 90° without dead angle. The light, as a result, is emitted exactly where you need it. The integrated driver gives clean feeling and avoids a cluttered ceiling caused by drivers pointing in different directions.

 OVEGA-Zoomable Small 10W-15W

Capable Zooming Performance

OVEGA Zoomable Small LED track light, the 3rd–generation ENCORE Zoomable luminaire, offers a wide angle adjusting range from 15° to 45° for various lighting effects such as accent lighting and flood lighting. It manages to realize ±5% accurate beam control. Moreover, the light quality remains outperforming at any angle when zooming.

OVEGA-Zoomable Small 10W-15W

2 different ways to adjust CCT

OVEGA-Zoomable Small 10W-15W

Capable Rubber Metal Combo

Unlike the majority of zoomable track light fixtures, OVEGA Zoomable adopts the rule-breaking combo of rubber + metal, which not only creates the similar exquisite appearance of digital camera, but also realizes camera-level artistic using pleasure, precise zooming adjustment, and careful heat protection. *on-request scale marking available

OVEGA-Zoomable Small 10W-15W

Capable Anti-glare Comfort

When most of the LED track lights are satisfied with UGR<19, OVEGA Zoomable pushes the standard to the next level with 40-degree anti-glare angle and easy-to-install honeycomb filter, reducing UGR to under 16 to bring every user a high-level eye comfort.

 OVEGA-Zoomable Small 10W-15W

Capable Modular Design

As the forerunner of track lighting system in China, OVEGA has well realized the modular design concept in each OVEGA product with 4 interchangeable installation bases. No matter which is your favorite, we make it possible all in the same system with the same unified design. 

Imagine all the time, energy, and money saved from the exhausting hunting for "the one".

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-Stylish and compact design with integrated driver.    

-Excellent modular combination concept: integrated driver+ different fixture bases, DIY to get different lighting solutions and easy for maintenance.    

-Beam angle adjustable mechanism provides endless beam options from a narrow to  wide flood distribution by simply rotate the rubber ring.    

-Light efficiency is up to 90lm/W.    

-Privately-designed joints can hold the track head at any positions without malfunctions.    

-360°+ rotation without dead angle and 90°vertical aiming.    

-Use OVEGA family to get a unified impression in one environment.    

Order info.PowerLed CurrentLuminous
CRICCTBeam Angle

ImageDescriptionModel NO#Available for
OVEGA-Zoomable SmallHoneycomb LouveEN-TLO-AC10OVEGA-Zoomable 10W/15W


Model Power Picture Download
TLO015-31 15W OVEGA-Zoomable-Small 15W Download
Model Power Picture Download
TLO015-31 15W OVEGA-Zoomable-Small 15W Download
Model Power Picture Download
TLO010-31 10W OVEGA-Zoomable-Small 10W IESLDT
TLO015-31 15W OVEGA-Zoomable-Small 15W IESLDT

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