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Overview Specs

AVA-Hotel Round Adjustable Downlight 5W-15W

AVA-Hotel Round Adjustable Downlight 5W-15W


Products Specification:

Application: Recessed-mounted

SDCM: <3

Beam Angle: 8°, 15°, 24°, 38°, 50°

Power: 5W, 8W, 10W, 15W

CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Line Drawing:

AVA-Hotel Round Adjustable Downlight 5W-15W

General Features:


Secondary Reflector


(Round Adjustable Downlight)

Ava-Hotel series is an upgrade version based on Ava MR16 downlight system because of it’s precise light quality and great anti-glare control ability. Except normal beam 15°, 24°, 36°, 50°, Ava-Hotel can provide very narrow beam 8°, all beams bring precise light distribution, plus it’s 38 degree cut-off angle and fully-enclosed structure when tilting, Ava-hotel is ideal for a variety of hotel or residential applications.

 AVA-Hotel Round Adjustable Downlight 5W-15W

5 Beam Angles

Available in 8°, 15° , 24° , 38° and 50° beam angles, Ava-hotel series allows enough flexibility to choose the right beam from very narrow beam for lighting small objects to middle & wide beam for accent or flood lighting.

 AVA-Hotel Round Adjustable Downlight 5W-15W

Very narrow beam 8°

Very narrow beam 8° is not a challenge any more! Precise 8°beam lens + filter accessory ensure a high quality light distribution.

 AVA-Hotel Round Adjustable Downlight 5W-15W


In the glare free angle, there is no direct view of the LED and the visible part of the reflector produces practically no glare at all. 38 degree cut-off angle offers very high visual comfort.

 AVA-Hotel Round Adjustable Downlight 5W-15W

Anti-glare Accessories

Honeycomb filter and soft lens can be added to provide maximum visual comfort.

 AVA-Hotel Round Adjustable Downlight 5W-15W

Fully-enclosed Structure when tilting

Fully-enclosed structure ensures the light could be fully output, and effectively prevents people from seeing objects on the ceiling through the gap generated when tiltable. One luminaire can be used for direct lighting or wall washing.

 AVA-Hotel Round Adjustable Downlight 5W-15W

0°-30° tiltable

Precision engineering adjustment mechanism from 0° to 30°, every 5° has a fixed limit to achieve accurate tilt Angle.


-Elegant & compact in its style, versatile in its using.     

-Precise light control, 8°,15°, 24°, 38°, 50° beam lens options.     

-Light efficiency is up to 80lm/W     

-Interchangeable different color secondary reflectors for decorative function.      

-Anti-glare accessories provide maximum visual comfort.     

-Precision engineering adjustment mechanism from 0° to 30°,every 5° has a fixed limit to achieve accurate tilt angle.     




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More About The AVA Family

Elegant MR16 compatible design, Ava was born to be versatile. The perfect thermal management ensures the high wattage in the smaller housing. Aesthetic design is not the only advantage of Ava, it’s 90lm/w efficacy with uniform light distribution also worth a mention. Except the single color 2700K to 5000K range, Ava also offers 1800K-3000K dim-to-warm create a SDCM<3; color consistency home-like atmospere to where it is needed. It complies with the modular design, everything is changeable except COB, well covered the commercial and residential applications. The performance of Ava is the ice of the cake on the aesthetic appearance.

More About The AVA Family

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