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Overview Specs

ELLA-Deep Anti-glare 10W-35W

ELLA-Deep Anti-glare 10W-35W

Products Specification:

Application: Recessed-mounted

SDCM: <3

Beam Angle: 15°, 24°, 38°, 55°

Power: 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W

CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Line Drawing:

ELLA-Deep Anti-glare 10W-35W

General Features:


AVA - Commercial MR16 Modular Downlight 5-15W

AVA - Commercial MR16 Modular Downlight 5-15W

ELLA Deep Unti-glare Downlight

ELLA-Deep Anti-glare recessed downlight is well-received in a variety of settings including hotel, residential, hospitality, commercial, and especially spaces having rigid UGR requirement. Its super modular design, along with the great 40° cut-off angle, 2 types of round & square mounting rings, 6 wattages and 6 cutouts, sweeps the market as soon as its first introduction. Honeycomb filter can be added to maximize visual comfort with  UGR < 6.  Honeycomb filter can be added to maximize visual comfort.

 ELLA-Hotel Round Adjustable 5W-35W

4 Beam Angles of LED Focus Spotlight

Available in 15°, 24° , 38° and 55° beam angles, ELLA led recessed downlight allows enough flexibility for you to choose from narrow beam on small objects requiring accent lighting to flood light on walls lacking general brightness. But no matter which angle is needed and where it is needed, one thing that remains the same is ELLA's high-level light quality and evenly blended light edge.

 ELLA-Deep Anti-glare 10W-35W

Above-average Anti-glare LED Focus Spotlight

ELLA's thoughtful design enlarges the cut-off angle to be 48°, which helps every user easily get rid of the annoying and damaging glare issue. Therefore, on one hand, ELLA brings a very high level of visual comfort, and on the other hand, it also realizes healthy lighting need, which is crucial especially for families with newborns, school-age children, and family members staring at screens a lot.

 ELLA-Deep Anti-glare 10W-35W

Anti-glare Accessories of LED Focus Spotlight

In order to push the anti-glare effect further to a new level, ELLA is designed to be compatible with either honeycomb or soft lens, so that UGR could be minimized to under 6.

ELLA cares about every user's eye health very much.

 ELLA-Deep Anti-glare 10W-35W

Super Modular Luminaire of LED Focus Spotlight

ELLA Deep anti-glare series has made itself super modular from inside out. You can easily make a brand new luminaire by a quick and simple twist of the LED module + mounting ring combos of round & square. All these infinite possibilities will make the luminaire fit right into any residential, hospitality, commercial, and especially spaces having rigid UGR requirement. Therefore, no matter the demanding customer is expecting an LED recessed downlight solution for his store, restaurant, sweet home, high-end bathroom, or hotel, you can always say yes.

 ELLA-Deep Anti-glare 10W-35W

Optional Mounting Rings of  LED Focus Spotlight

ELLA Deep Anti-glare led focus spotlight does not provide these many mounting rings for a show of flexibility, but aims to set a standard of practicality. 2 kinds of shapes, round & square in 3 types of sizes, help customers find the right light for different projects.


-Elegant & compact in its style, versatile in its using.     

-Precise light control, UGR<9.      

-Super modular design, replacing LED module, mounting ring, beam lens and anti-glare accessories without any needs for tools.      

-IP20 is standard, IP44 is optional.    

Order info.PowerLed CurrentLuminous
CRICCTBeam Angle
EM060-EF64SF01-15D10W250mA653 lm90+2700K15°
EM060-EF64SF01-24D10W250mA698 lm90+2700K24°
EM060-EF64SF01-38D10W250mA701 lm90+2700K38°
EM060-EF64SF01-55D10W250mA619 lm90+2700K55°
EM060-EF64SF01-15D15W350mA1115 lm90+2700K15°
EM060-EF64SF01-24D15W350mA1130 lm90+2700K24°
EM060-EF64SF01-38D15W350mA1104 lm90+2700K38°
EM060-EF64SF01-55D15W350mA1034 lm90+2700K55°
EM070-EF74RF01-15D20W500mA1775 lm90+2700K15°
EM070-EF74RF01-24D20W500mA1730 lm90+2700K24°
EM070-EF74RF01-38D20W500mA1562 lm90+2700K38°
EM070-EF74RF01-55D20W500mA1353 lm90+2700K55°
EM070-EF74RF01-15D25W600mA2005 lm90+2700K15°
EM070-EF74RF01-24D25W600mA2216 lm90+2700K24°
EM070-EF74RF01-38D25W600mA1919 lm90+2700K38°
EM070-EF74RF01-55D25W600mA1734 lm90+2700K55°
EM090-EF94SF01-15D30W700mA2180 lm90+2700K15°
EM090-EF94SF01-24D30W700mA2215 lm90+2700K24°
EM090-EF94SF01-38D30W700mA2017 lm90+2700K38°
EM090-EF94SF01-55D30W700mA2138 lm90+2700K55°
EM090-EF94SF01-15D35W850mA2601 lm90+2700K15°
EM090-EF94SF01-24D35W850mA2648 lm90+2700K24°
EM090-EF94SF01-38D35W850mA2419 lm90+2700K38°
EM090-EF94SF01-55D35W850mA2540 lm90+2700K55°

ImageDescriptionModel NO#Available for
ELLA   DEEP ANTI-GLAREHoneycomb FilterEM060-HEM060
ELLA   DEEP ANTI-GLAREHoneycomb FilterEM070-HEM070
ELLA   DEEP ANTI-GLAREHoneycomb FilterEM090-HEM090


Model Power Picture Download
EM060 9W DEEP ANTI-GLARE 9W EM060 LED Module + Mounting Ring Download
Model Power Picture Download
EM060 9W DEEP ANTI-GLARE 9W EM060 LED Module + Mounting Ring Download
Model Power Picture Download
EM060 9W DEEP ANTI-GLARE 9W EM060 LED Module + Mounting Ring IESLDT
EM070 25W Ella DEEP ANTI-GLAR 25W EM070 LED Module + Mounting Ring IESLDT
EM090 30W DEEP ANTI-GLARE 30W EM090 LED Module + Mounting Ring IESLDT
EM090 35W DEEP ANTI-GLARE SERIES 35W EM090 LED Module + Mounting Ring IESLDT

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More About The ELLA Family

As the latest generation of ENCORE downlight system, ELLA has not only kept the aesthetic design, precise light control and great UGR, but also has upgraded the versatility to a new level with the super modular design in a compact format. ELLA's LED module matches with numerous mounting rings within the system, offering a wide range of options particularly for hospitality, residential, and any indoor commercial setting. On top of mounting rings, ELLA also provides many possibilities in shape, round or square; adjustment, fixed or adjustable; size and wattages.

More About The ELLA Family

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