Encore Shines at Frankfurt Lighting+Building 2024

Mar. 27, 2024
    The Frankfurt Lighting+Building Exhibition is the pinnacle event in the field of lighting and architectural technology, attracting professionals and businesses from around the world. 
    As a newcomer to this exhibition, Encore occupied booth 10.2 C76B. We brought with them innovative product lines and cutting-edge technology, garnering significant attention from customers. During the exhibition, the company showcased its four core product lines: Track lights, Downlights, Linear lights, and Cylinders, while presented three core technologies: Colorsense, motorized technology, and digital display technology. This year, the company not only made technological breakthroughs in these four product lines but also developed many new products that captured the attention of customers.

    Encore Shines at Frankfurt Lighting Building 2024
    Highlights of the Exhibition:

Encore Shines at Frankfurt Lighting Building 2024

No.1 Motorized Track Lights

Motorized track lights were one of the standout products at our booth. This product integrates five functions into one, including rotation pan:0-360 & tilt:0°-±140°, adjustable color temperature(tunable white 2700K-6500K), 0%-100% self dimming and zoomable10°-60°/18°-60°, meeting the diverse needs of users for light position, color, and brightness. With its high-precision positioning, easy and fast configuration, and preset scenes with memory function, this product received high attention at the exhibition.

Encore Shines at Frankfurt Lighting Building 2024

No.2 Museum Shapeable Projector Track Lights 

Projector track lights are another noteworthy product, especially the mini shapeable track lights. These lights are beloved by customers for their ultra-mini size(power:5-10w), clean light patterns,no spiltlight ,no stray light. and multifunctionality. At the exhibition, projector track lights showcased their excellent optical performance and diverse application scenarios, attracting the interest of many attendees.

Encore Shines at Frankfurt Lighting Building 2024

No.3 Digital Display Track Lights

Digital display track lights integrate 0%-100% self dimming, zoomable25°-60°, and adjustable color temperature(tunable white 2700K-6500K), providing users with a more personalized lighting experience. With its wide dimming and color adjustment range and high precision, this product, equipped with an LED display screen, allows users to understand lighting parameters in real-time. At the exhibition, digital display track lights demonstrated their advanced technology and outstanding performance in lighting control, attracting considerable attention.

Encore Shines at Frankfurt Lighting Building 2024

No.4 Color-Controlled Linear Lights 

The new linear lights showcased at the exhibition not only feature distinctive functions and seamless splicing for aesthetic appeal but also integrate seamlessly with our color management, presenting a spectacular color light show at the exhibition.

Encore Shines at Frankfurt Lighting Building 2024

No.5 Wall-Washing Downlights

Wall-washing downlights are a unique product under our new Della Series. The della series not only boasts innovative and aesthetic designs with meticulous material processing but also achieves miniaturization. Among them, wall-washing downlights stand out with their clear cutoff lines and clean light effects without shadowor dark area, earning the favor of customers.

We're pleased with our participation in Light + Building 2024,. It's not just about showcasing our cutting-edge technology and products to the world, also an opportunity to boost our brand recognition. Looking forward to the next Light + Building show!  Look forward to ENCORE!

As the exhibition comes to a close, a new journey begins.

Although the exhibition has ended, Encore is not slowing down. We will continue to visit customers globally, seek more cooperation opportunities, and plan to participate in more exhibitions and events to further expand our business. 

If you are interested in our products or wish to explore deeper cooperation, please feel free to contact our marketing team at marketing@encore-tech.com.

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