Remarkable Outdoor Living Store, Australia

Store name: Remarkable Outdoor Living

Region: Australia

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This is a home shop project which was finished by one of our Australian Clients. It is about 5000 square meters. All the Light in the store are provided by Encore, including different CCT, different installation ways, different beam angles, etc. It can be seen that the atmosphere and light difference created in the store are very beautiful and attractive.

At the beginning, when the customer contacted encore, the customer provided the design layout of the furniture store, including the installation position of the track light, the number of the track light, the position of the track, the lighting effect and illumination that the customer wants to achieve. According to these requirements, our designers with rich design experience and professional product knowledge helped customers to design a complete set of Lighting solutions, including the selection of CCT, beam angle, light irradiation position and direction.


After we finished this series of work, our customers were very satisfied with the solutions we provided and asked us to provide suitable Track light. As a LED lighting supplier integrating R & D and production, we quickly recommended and quoted our latest OVEGA series track light to customers. The customers immediately decided to choose our track light and said that they want to do sample test. After receiving the sample and evaluating, the customer said that they were satisfied with the lighting effect and design of our track light, so they placed a batch order.


Because in the design of layout, customer did not consider the use of different installation ways and the different lighting effect they'll brings. After the customer received all the track lights and installed them on site, they found that the actual lighting effect of the cash register and reception desk was not particularly ideal, and the actual effect of wall washing was not as expected. After watching the video of the actual effect taken by our customer, we suggested that the light at the cash register and reception desk should be pendent, and the light for washing wall should be wall-mounted. At that time, the customers were very anxious, worried that if they re-order the light, they would increase a lot of costs.

At that time, we told our customers that our OVEGA series track light has modular design, that is, the same light body has four different installation methods: track-mounted, pendent, surface-mounted and wall-mounted. If customers want to change different installation methods, they just need to change the different mounted base. The customer was very happy to hear that. Then the customer counted the number of pendent and wall-mounted light needed and informed us. After that, we quickly sent the pendent and wall-mounted base to the customer, and provided detailed replacement and installation operation video. After the replacement and re-installation of all the track lights, the customers are very satisfied with the final presentation effect. They also greatly appreciate the modular design of our OVEGA series track lights. Not only because of the cost savings, but also because of the more installation methods, the furniture store of customers looks more beautiful and attractive.

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