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Overview Specs

OVEGA-Plus Led Track light 25-30W

OVEGA-Plus Led Track light 25-30W

Products Specification:

Application: Track-mounted, Wall-mounted

SDCM: <3

Beam Angle: 10°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 10°x25°, 15°x45°, 15°x60°

Power: 25W, 30W

CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

Line Drawing:

OVEGA-Plus Led Track light 25-30W

General Features:

OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W


OVEGA-Plus Led Track light 30-35W

OVEGA-Plus Led Track light 30-35W

OVEGA-Plus Led Track light 30-35W

Frame Color


(25W 30W)

OVEGA-Plus is an upgraded version with all the key features of OVEGA series improved and its own novel and attractive appearance added. PLUS combines spotlight, floodlight and wall washing all in a single luminaire, therefore, it is also a perfect match with any indoor environment needing different lighting solution. The luminaire head swivels precisely horizontal 360°and  vertical 90°without dead angle. The light, as a result, is emitted exactly where you need it. The integrated driver gives clean feeling and avoids a cluttered ceiling caused by drivers pointing in different directions.

 OVEGA-Plus 30-35W

Master Lighting Effect

Every piece of OVEGA Plus LED track light delivers 3 kinds of lighting effects-spotlight, floodlight, and wall washing light-with each kind reaching a master level of lighting quality. Therefore, with all the lighting solutions in one luminaire, OVEGA Plus is considered as an upgraded version of OVEGA.

 OVEGA-Plus 30-35W

Magical 10° Lenses

On top of the complete lighting solutions, OVEGA Plus' built-in 10° lenses also allow various versions of spotlight, floodlight, and wall-washing light with 4 types of light filters. 

Infinite lighting creations, all by Plus.

 OVEGA-Plus 30-35W

User-friendly Push-lock Design

OVEGA Plus helps customers not only see their creations in real life, but also makes their creation realization as easy as pie: a gentle push with 2 fingers, you are all set lighting up your space. What a cost- and time-saving great luminaire!

 OVEGA-Plus 30-35W

2 Anti-glare Accessories

OVEGA-Plus offers 2 more alternative anti-glare accessories – honeycomb and wall washer- for customers' low-glare need. Both anti-glare accessories can be added in the simplest way by pushing it in. The light quality will not be affected in any sense.

ENCORE knows every detail you're looking for and we take it very seriously.

 OVEGA-Plus 30-35W

Master Oriental Touches

Unlike the general cylindrical LED track light, OVEGA Plus integrates the classic circle and square elements into the luminaire design, successfully realizing the balance between modern and tradition. It's the ideal luminaire for users who love the fast-pace modern life but also wish to experience the composed quality of tradition.

Moreover, as the ancient Chinese saying suggests, we all live in the world of "the orbicular sky and rectangular earths", which fundamentally refers to the "harmony between man and nature". OVEGA Plus captures the cultural connotation and perfectly integrates it into its design. A second closer look at Plus, you will not only find the practical lighting use, but also a deeply-rooted cultural endowment.

 OVEGA-Plus 30-35W

Master Convenient Installations

OVEGA guarantees you a convenient, easy, and creative lifestyle with 3 optional installation methods on-track, wall-mounting, and pendent. 

Mind you, other creative installation ideas can also be realized with Plus. Here at ENCORE, everything is possible.


-Stylish and attractive design thanks to the beautiful combination of round and square.

-Excellent modular combination concept: integrated driver + different fixture bases, DIY to get different light solutions and easy for maintenance.

-Combines spotlights, floodlight and wallwashing in a single luminaire. 

-Privately-designed joints can hold the track head at any positions without malfunctions.

-360°+ rotation without dead angle and 90°vertical aiming.

-Use OVEGA family to get a unified impression in one environment.



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