Sichuan Museum, China

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Region: Sichuan Province, China

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On September 27, 2020, Ode to the Plateau Road-The Ancient Tang-Bo Road: A Joint Exhibition of Rare Cultural Relics from Seven Provinces and Regions Alone announced its grand opening at Sichuan Museum. 189 pieces (sets) of cultural relics from seven provinces, namely Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet and Sichuan were selected for the exhibition, demonstrating the special value of the Tang-Bo ancient road to Sino-Tibetan cultural exchange and its significance to the areas along the road.

Yesterday Once More

This exhibition project is mainly lighted by Shenzhen Encore with its OVEGA series. Joining hands with OVEGA series and flexible & satisfactory high-quality lighting solutions, the exhibition project perfectly recreated the glamour of Princess Wencheng marrying into Tibet.

Yesterday Once More

Here at Sichuan Museum, the thousand-year-old road is not static but dynamic. With the well-planned setting and various shades of light, we stumbled back into the ancient time, a time with vibrant Tang-Bo exchange illustrated by precise-degree narrow spot light highlighting various facial expressions; a time with forceful political marriage told by mighty escorting contingents; and a time with prosperous cultural and economic development proved by the hustling and bustling and the crowds-thronged streets. The breath-taking exhibition experience is embedded in the lively exhibits, but without proper lighting, exhibits remain cold exhibits.

Already standing out with its simple but elegant appearance, OVEGA series outperforms others further with the powerful optical systems and superior LED technology, realizing the powerful spot/linear/surface+light-shaping solutions. Multiple options of anti-glare and optical accessories available allow different lighting demands in different settings to be met in all ways that you can possibly imagine.

The lighting solution mainly provided by OVEGA series at Sichuan Museum is of great significant for Encore, which propels its R&D and lighting solutions to constantly reach a higher level for clients in need. We are confident for a better result, and we are getting closer to a bigger world.

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