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Overview Specs

OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W

OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W

Products Specification:

Application: Track-mounted, Surface-mounted, Wall-mounted, Pendant

SDCM: <3

Beam Angle: 6°

Power: 10W

CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

Line Drawing:

OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W

General Features:

OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W


OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W

Frame Color

OVEGA-6°Narrow Beam


OVEGA-6°Narrow Beam is a stylish and compact LED track light that fits perfectly into any display window, museum, gallery, or any place asking for a very narrow spot. By simply adding extra optical accessories, you can change the light shape to square, rectangular, oval etc., to create the final unique atmosphere. The luminaire head swivels precisely horizontal 360°and  vertical 90° without dead angle. The light, as a result, is emitted exactly where you need it. The integrated driver gives clean feeling and avoids a cluttered ceiling caused by drivers pointing in different directions.

 OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W

6° Precise Angle Control

Narrow Beam outperforms other track spotlights with many reasons, and one of them is the above-average ultra narrow 6° beam angle. It not only beats the average 15° narrow angle, but also manages to realize ±5% precise angle control while ensuring unchanged central intensity within 5-meter range. Narrow Beam is perfect not only for small object exhibition in museums and galleries, but also in any place requiring absolute attention.


 OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W

Stunning 8 Different Lighting Shapes

Narrow Beams offers every user a cost-efficient choice of “owning 1 luminaire getting 9 lights” with the magical 8 filters. It only takes 1 second to put filters on and project the lighting shape you wish.


 OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W

Infinite Possibilities

Narrow Beam isn’t satisfied with just 9 lighting shapes, therefore, we made the possibilities infinite-with the magical filter holder-by allowing 360° filter rotation with only a finger to create the light shape you like in any direction.


 OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W

Capable Modular Design

As the forerunner of track lighting system in China, OVEGA has well realized the modular design concept in each OVEGA product with 4 interchangeable installation bases. No matter which is your favorite, we make it possible all in the same system with the same unified design. Imagine all the time, energy, and money saved from the exhausting hunting for “the one”.


 OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W

Exquisite Luminaire

With the exquisite texture, fit-in-palm size, and the fun of customizing your own light shape, Narrow Beam is surly a star of the entire series.

Daqing Oil Field Museum

Sichuan Museum, China


-Stylish and compact design with integrated driver

-Very narrow  6°  beam with quality light distribution

-Optional optical accessories for 8 lighting shapes: square, rectangular, line etc.

-Privately-designed hinge can hold the luminaire at any position without malfunctions  

-Zero-dead-angle 360 °horizontal + 90 °vertical position adjustment   

-Use OVEGA family to get a unified impression in one environment 

Order info.PowerLed CurrentLuminous
CRICCTBeam Angle

OVEGA Narrow Beam8 changeable filtersEN-TLO-AC12OVEGA-Narrow beam 10W


Model Power Picture Download
TLO010-01 10W OVEGA NARROW BEAM  10W Download
Model Power Picture Download

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Embrace UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES with OVEGA family. Each of the 7 versions of OVEGA products is a realization of excellent modular concept blended in the unified appearance. But each one of them also stands out with different lighting solutions, empowering OVEGA family to fit perfectly into any retail, museum and gallery setting.

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