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Overview Specs

IMAX-Zoomable 15W-20W

IMAX-Zoomable 15W-20W

Products Specification:

Application: Track-mounted, Wall-mounted

SDCM: <3

Beam Angle: 15°-90°, 15°-70°

Power: 15W, 20W, 30W

CCT: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

Line Drawing:

IMAX-Zoomable 15W-20W

General Features:

IMAX-Zoomable 10W-15W

OVEGA-Narrow Beam 10W


OVEGA-Premium Small LED Track Light  10W-15W

IMAX-Zoomable 10W-15W

Frame Color


(15W 20W)

IMAX-Zoomable track lights are slim and clean LED track lights that fit perfectly into any museum, gallery, and places hoping for a minimalist impression. The two classic zoomable LED track lights both have highlights and key features such as precise light control, even light distribution, and fine adjusting experience. The two versions of zoomable allow flexible beam adjustment from 15°-70°(soft) to 15°-90°(sharp), easily covering almost all the lighting needs of various settings. The luminaire head swivels precisely horizontal 360°and  vertical 90° without dead angle. The light, as a result, is emitted exactly where you need it. The integrated driver gives clean feeling and avoids a cluttered ceiling caused by drivers pointing in different directions.

 IMAX-Zoomable 15W-20W

Capable Zooming Performance

IMAX Zoomable LED track lights offer a wide angle adjusting range from 15°-70° with soft lighting effect to 15°-90° with sharp and clear-cut lighting effect. The two versions offer a complete lighting solution including accent lighting, wall washing lighting, and flood lighting. Moreover, the light quality remains outperforming at any angle when zooming through an easy push and pull of the lens. Honeycomb and barn door can be added for a better visual comfort.

 IMAX-Zoomable 15W-20W

Capable Anti-glare Comfort

When most of the LED track lights are satisfied with UGR<19, IMAX Zoomable pushes the standard to the next level with 40-degree anti-glare angle and easy-to-install honeycomb and barn door, reducing UGR under 16 to bring every user a high-level eye comfort.

 IMAX-Zoomable 15W-20W

Minimalist Design

As important as they are, screws can be a little "less wanted" for aesthetic purpose. Therefore, IMAX Zoomable series has made screws disappeared on the visible surface, leaving only a simple, clean, and elegant appearance for customers.


-Slim and clean design with integrated driver.(15W,20W)    

-By adjusting the focal length, the beam angle is changed from 15°to 90°with sharp outline or from 15° to 70°with soft outline .    

-Privately-designed joints can hold the track head at any positions without malfunctions.     

-Self-dimming is available thanks to built-in dimmer(1-10V dimming).    

-360°+ rotation without dead angle and 90°vertical aiming.     

Order info.PowerLed CurrentLuminous
CRICCTBeam Angle
Beam angle adjustable from 15°to 70°
Beam angle adjustable from 15°to 90°

IMAX Zoomable 30WHoney-combEN-TLI-AC01IMAX-Zoomable
IMAX Zoomable 30WBarn-doorEN-TLI-AC02IMAX-Zoomable


Model Power Picture Download
TLI020-01 15W-20W IMAX Zoomable 15W-20W Download
Model Power Picture Download
TLI020-01 15W-20W IMAX Zoomable 15W-20W IESLDT

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More About The IMAX Family

IMAX-Track lights is a product series of first-class performance for spaces looking for superior flexibility, outstanding performance, and elegant appearance at the same time. 5 versions of IMAX offer a wide range of lighting solutions ranging from accent lighting with different interchangeable beam lens, to general lighting with adjustable narrow-to-wide beam angles, and contour projection with various amazing light shapes. Apart from its all-time great light quality and performance, IMAX also stays ahead of the competition for its slim and clean design, a perfect match for such high-end classic places as museums and galleries.

More About The IMAX Family

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